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Centre for Legal Research and Services Lawyers's focus on the following legal matters:


Legislative Drafting
Translating laws and legal documents (English to Bangla and Bangla to English)
Drafting Legal documents
Providing Legal opinion
Vetting Legal document



Moreover we take care on the following legal matters---


Maritime Law: We take care on all types of martime dispute in Bangladesh under the Admiralty Cour of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court and and Inland Water Marine Court (BIWTA) at Dhaka.


Corporate Law:

Do you have a clear idea of your desired outcome or are you looking for more practical guidance?

If you are a business leader or a professional advisor to a business, our experienced legal experts will provide you with corporate advice tailored to your goal. As we use a non-traditional model for corporate deals, you are able to access our services for some or all aspects of your transaction, at a price that works for you. This, in turn, helps you manage your time, budget and your ongoing legal requirements.

Whether you are the CEO, the CFO, part of the senior management team, an investor, a potential buyer of a corporate entity, or the professional adviser acting for any of these, we can provide you with a practical legal solution. Here are some examples of our work:

    • General Corporate Advice
    • Partnership Deed/Contract
    • Mergers or Acquisitions of Company
    • Winding Up Company/Partnership Business
    • Joint Ventures Planing Advice
    • Business start-up, Business Funding, Venture Investments
    • Bank Loan Documentation
      Limited Company and Partnerships business Setup

Whatever your requirements, of a corporate and business nature, we can provide a best value legal advice and solution for you, in order to ensure that you achieve your business goals.


Family Law:

Divorce & Mediation
Prenuptial Agreements
Protection from Abuse
Child Protective Matters
Custody Law & Mediation
Grand Parents Custody Rights
Third Party Custody Rights
Interstate Custody Matters


Tax and VAT Consultancy:

CLRS offers a wide range of Tax & VAT consultancy services. Contact Us Today.


Criminal Law:

Traffic: Moving Violations
DUI: Alcohol Related
Drug: Possession Related
Juvinele Offenses
When Veterans are charged with a crime
Criminal/Mental Health Matters


Financial Law:

Power of Attorney


Legal Training:

Choose to do your practical Legal Training with CLRS, Bangladesh




Our Mission & Vision

To set up knowledge based industry in the field of Law, Justice, Human Rights, Good Governance and climate Justice.

To promote rule of law, justice, human rights, good governance and climate justice through research, education, training, information dissemination, awareness building poro-bono legal services and professional services.

Our Goals

Aims to Develop Bangladesh Legal Sector-
  1. Research and publication ( RIA, books, journals)
  2. Professional development through Training
  3. Knowledge sharing though seminar, conference in partnership with national and international organizations
  4. Legal Education and Law clinic
  5. National and International Moot Court Completion
  6. Street law program (School, Collage, Madrasha)
  7. Professional Services (Consultancy, legal drafting and documentation, litigation and arbitration)
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Why Choose Us

Because, we are a team consist of highly qualified Advocates, Barristers, Law Graduates and Scholars of Jurisprudence.”

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